Everybody loves some Grateful Dead! But are you a true fan? Find out below by tallying your favorite Jerry jams!
Bougainvillea Boulevard
Rocky Mountain Planetarium
Officer Raindrop (Instrumental)
Sage Mechanic
Ridin’ Up The Creek On A Stolen Canoe
Chemtrail St. Joseph
Young Jerry Old Jerry
Merry Prankster Jamboree (feat. Pitbull)
The Spliff’s Apprentice
Is Anybody Watching The Baby?
Reelin’ and Rollin’ and Ramblin’ and Gamblin’
Burnt Sienna Daydream
Humboldt County Sheriff (Instrumental)
Whose Baby Is That
Sweatin’ Down The Ivory Coast
Where Are All Those Bears Marching? Only Jerry Knows
Mexico, Romanticized
[Cousin] Donald
Cosmic Puzzle Sudoku
Do You Smell That? (Of Course I Smell That)
Calligraphy Jones
Tallahassee Rhythm Hitchhiker
United States Of San Francisco 
Is That Jerry’s Baby? Seriously, Tell Us
Rag Time Dime Bag
Seriously Jerry Why Did You Have To Die
She Wore Tie-Dye Feathers In Her Silver Hair And I Didn’t Get Her Number
Pals With Lucifer
That Baby Has Jerry’s Eyes
Rosalie’s Five Finger Discount (Two Finger Version)
Hopscotch Methuselah
Audible Whisper Lullaby
Is There A Doctor On This Plane (Of Existence)
Surly Susie, Patron Saint Of Bad Moods
Tijuana Slang Lullaby
No Thanks, I’m Vegan
Tokin’ On The Corporate Ladder
Cherries Garcia
God Is A Lady And It’s Okay That She Masturbates
Keepin Tabs On My Tabs (Of Acid)
Funky Maine Lobster
Goddamnit, Jerry
Caramel Daisy Doorknob In The Sky
Am I The Only Straight Guy On This Bus Who Thinks Humphrey Bogart Was Hot (I’m Straight)
C-C-Community Service
Rain Is Just Timothy O’Leary Crying From Heaven
Anybody Have Change For A Five?
Vaping In Valhalla
Another Song About Moons
Read The Signs In The Sky, St. Joseph
Oy Vey
The Devil’s Sister, Shannon
Is This Song Appropriate For Children
Blind Cripple Tangerine Jam
Vegan (Round Two)
Daddy Got Struck By Lightning On The Event Horizon
Little Jelly Jam
Are You Deaf, St. Joseph
Bong Water Bongo Baby
The City Boy’s Semester In Utah For A Behavioral Problem
Juke Box Royal Jelly
Looks Like Oregano To Me
San Andreas’s Fault
Smokin’ On The Roof Of Shannon’s House (Not That Shannon, The Other Shannon, The One From Barstow With The Good Acid)
New Cover Band Blues
Broken Down Train Caboose Groove #2
My Baby’s Paintin’ A Fractal Mural On The Side Of The Cantina
Shhh, Telenovela, Shhh
Mourning The Hour Of Morning This Morning
The Moonlight Fisherwoman
Another Song About Boulevards Or The Moon
Don’t Tease Jesus
Why Come Nobody Says “Tokin” Anymore
Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve
Meatless Mondays
Righteous Reefer Roto Rooter
Drum Circle On The Moon
Blamin’ and Shamin’ and Gamin’